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 Aussie made koi and goldfish floating pellet

Make sure your koi stay strong and healthy with our  fish food pellets to feed your pond fish. If you’re looking for quality fish food pellets look no further than Windsor Fish Hatchery. We have a range of pellet sizes available to accommodate both small and large koi, and we also stock different pellet types for feeding in all seasons.

Here are some interesting facts about the koi fish food we have available: 

  • Our food is made fresh weekly and packed in 1kg bags for freshness
  • Our pellets provide the nutrients to suit the omnivorous diet of koi and goldfish.
  • Our pellet sizes include 1mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm individual or mixed-size to feed the whole pond.
  • We sell a premium mix floating wheatgerm or pure wheatgerm sticks for autumn, winter feeding of koi and goldfish in a pond 

We make feeding koi and goldfish a simple task with the food they love. 

Some Tips When You Buy Goldfish Food 

As with any animal feed, you should consider a few things before deciding what to buy. Here are some valuable tips to help you choose:  

  • Captive fish are entirely dependent on you for their food, so it should be offered regularly. They are a small animal with a very small digestive track , so 2-3 small meals a day is better than one large meal. 
  • flakes are best suited for baby goldfish and koi fry only. We also guarantee your flakes will not arrive crushed. 
  • Feed floating food 9 out of 10 feeds, so you can net off any excess food and not destroy your water.
  • It's all about the water, feeding high quality food means less aquarium and pond maintenance. 
  • Wheatgerm formula is a highly digestible, daily diet for the cooler months of the year to feed all fish,
  • Feeding your goldfish & koi in a pond in the morning gives them all day to digest their food in the cooler months of the year.

Koi & Goldfish feeding guide                                    

 1mm for fish 3-8cm 

3mm for fish 9-15cm  

5mm for fish 16-20cm  

8mm for fish 24-25cm 

10mm for fish 26cm to very large 

Flake is best for fry and very small fish under 3cm