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fish food floating pellets daily diet for koi & goldfish

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  This is a great food for your fish's daily diet, you can feed this every day and know your koi fish are getting all the nutrients they need. feed a balanced diets to your pond fish. Packed in 1kg sealed bags for freshness.

  Fish should only be fed as much as they can consume in five minutes. When there is too much food, it sinks to the bottom and rots into compost. By gradually introducing a floating fish food pellet to your pond once a day, you can train your koi to eat from your hand in about six weeks. Taking care of your koi or goldfish is one of the best parts of owning them as pets.

  We recommend that during the winter months, fish be fed wheatgerm based fish foods.

 The overall menu for your fish should include approximately 35% protein of animal origin. The remainder of the diet should consist of carbohydrates that provide energy. The protein content of young fish's diet should be increased. Young fish develop quickly and are more active. Fry require a nearly all-protein diet. The pellets we sell contain the proper amount of nutrients and energy for your fish, as well as pellets for autumn/winter feeding, when the needs of koi fish and goldfish differ from those of spring/summer feeding.