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The pond fish need to be fed.

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If you've been consistently providing your koi fish with this freshly prepared Australian fish food, then you can rest assured that they are flourishing. Packed in 1 kilo sealed bags for freshness

Feeding koi fish is easiest when using pellets of varying sizes, as this better accommodates the variety of fish sizes in the pond.

Fish should never be fed more than they can consume in five minutes. If you feed your koi one floating fish food pellet once a day, they will soon be eating out of your hand. Taking on a koi or goldfish as a pet is a wonderful way to gain the enriching experience of caring for a living being. Use food designed to float to attract your koi to the surface of the water, where you can interact with them. By inquiring about the well-being of your koi, you can win their confidence.

Wheatgerm, sold in increments of 1, 3, and 5 kilo's, is a great winter time staple food for fish.