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If you have been giving this freshly produced fish food from Australia on a regular basis to your koi fish, then you can be certain that they are getting the nutrition they need. Packed in bags of one kg each to preserve its freshness

When feeding koi fish, it is easiest to use pellets of varied sizes because this better suits the diverse range of fish sizes that are present in the pond.

Never give fish more food than they can consume in a period of five minutes at a time. If you feed your koi floating fish pellet every day, you won't have to wait long before they start eating out of your hand. The rewarding experience of taking care of a pet can be gained in a really enriching way by getting a pet fish, such as a koi or a goldfish. To get your koi up to the surface of the water where you may interact with them by using a floating pellet and inspect them whilst your there for any issues.

Wheatgerm, which can be purchased in increments of 1, 3, and 5 kilos, is an excellent food source for fish during the winter season.