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 Feed all the fish in the pond!

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 If this is a regular part of your koi fish's diet, you can rest easy knowing that they're thriving.

 When feeding koi fish, mixed sized pellets are ideal as the feed all the different sized fish in the pond. 

 It's best to only give fish as much food as they can consume in no more than five minutes. To get your koi to eat out of your hand, feed them a floating fish food pellet once a day. The rewarding experience of caring for a living being can be had by simply taking on the task of keeping a koi or goldfish as a pet. Fish food that floats will attract your koi to the water's surface, where you and they can interact. This will allow you to win over their confidence while also inspecting your koi for issues.

 Wheatgerm is a great winter time staple food for fish, and it comes in 1, 3, and 5 kilos.