Shipping rates and delivery times

Please beware changing any delivery details direct with the courier company will not allow you to make any claims for live fish. 

Shipping is weekly. Mondays only, cut off for processing and packing orders is the Saturday 11.30 am prior to the Monday shipment. If your order is in later than 11.30 am, it will ship the Monday fortnight if we dont have time to process the order or payment.

Shipping rates are based on the weight and type of items you order and the state they are being delivered to. We ship most orders through Aramex or Toll couriers. We do not use Australia post due to excessive costs, and loss of items, for this reason we cannot ship to P.O.Boxes.

When you order live fish in most cases we will ship to your home or business, however in some circumstances we may not be able to and the customer will need to pickup. If you dont want pickup we will refund in full. Shipping is always an estimate with live shipping, if its not viable to deliver live fish for the website shipping cost, we will contact you and ask if you want to pay the extra or get a refund. 

Our customers will typically receive their dry goods 5-7 days after ordering, but we request that you allow up to 14 days in regional areas.

 Shipping Cost

Cost is calculated at checkout based on state and weight of order. Remote area's may have additional costs, that is not calculated at checkout, we will contact you if this is the case.

When you order live fish in 99% of most orders we will ship to your home or business, however in some circumstances we may not be able to and the customer will need to pickup. If you dont want pickup we will refund in full. Shipping is always an estimate with live shipping, if its not viable to deliver live fish for the website shipping cost, we will contact you and ask if you want to pay the extra or get a refund. 

  Live Fish Shipment Day

 No orders arrive the same day they are shipped, Fish are always shipped on a Monday to arrive later in the week. All fish leave the farm after being conditioned for travel, with a live arrival guarantee.

  Shipping Live Fish australia

It is your responsibility to provide your correct personal details on every order, if the address, phone number and email are not correct, you are not entitled to a refund if the fish dont arrive or you have to pickup from the depo.

If you are entering your business details please make sure the fish are going to a business and you have included your hours and delivery details such as access to the business and where to leave the fish, example with reception, staff, back dock, front of store etc.

If you live in a block of units, security units or townhouses please make sure you include the security gate code to enter and details of where the fish box can be left in the event you are not home. No fish are taken back to the depo, so if they box is left where it can get stolen, you will be liable if you dont supply all the information the courier needs to deliver the fish, and not entitled to a refund or claim. 

If you have entered the wrong details, and continue to use this account without correcting the details we will not be responsible if your fish dont arrive. example customer not supplying unit number, suburb incorrect, contact details incorrect, address incorrect, fixing mistakes takes time and many phone calls, we dont want fish to die, so please correct any mistakes on your account.   

Live fish are shipped separately from any dry goods you purchase from our store.

Your fish will be shipped from the farm on a Monday only.If you are not home for the arrival of your fish, they will be left at the front door.

You do not need to be home for the delivery of your fish

Protecting live fish from undue stress is our priority. That's why we specially condition all fish for travel prior to dispatch. On the day of shipping, fish are packed into watertight bags along with treated water and hospital grade oxygen. The bags are then placed into insulated boxes to protect from temperature fluctuations. 

 Some areas require pickup at the courier depo, if this is the case for your area we will contact you. For this reason it is important to supply a valid contact email and or mobile at time of checkout.

If we cant deliver to your area, your money will be refunded in full via the payment gateway you used to pay for your order.

Shipping Updates

All fish & dry goods leave the farm with tracking, we follow the tracking over the time between leaving the farm and arriving to you. We will let you know if there are any delays. 

You will receive updates via email only, if you have done a phone order and not given your email, you wont get the updates. 

Updates from windsor fish hatchery will be Order receive, Processing order for delivery and on the Monday Shipped.

From the couriers updates will only be forwarded if your order takes more than 1 day for live fish delivery after Tuesday and the couriers will update you or you can use the tracking to see where your fish or parcel is. If you are worried or unsure please call Izzy on 0432790703 for the update. 

Updates from tracking are available from Tuesday onwards, after the fish or parcel has been sent.

free shipping offers

Buy 3 and get free shipping is relevant to each product, not a batch of live fish. 3 batches qualifies. 3 individual fish qualifies. 2 fish and food does not. 1 batch of fish does not. 2 fish and any other product does not. If the offer includes a type of fish for instance koi only 3 individual or 3 batches of koi would receive free shipping or any combination of koi fish bought within the same order.

 Buy 3 fancy goldfish excludes certain states N.T & W.A we cant transport fish to these area's in a reasonable time frame and areas of inland NSW & VIC. S.A some area's only near the courier depo's, not area's over 3 Days transit.

Multi buy discounts for live fish or dry goods only apply to one order, the purchase must be in the same order, under the same order number on the same day. Multi buys do not apply to orders over a number of days or weeks. do not apply to orders on hold when adding new fish. 

Multi buy discounts only apply to orders done on the website not phone orders.

unless otherwise stated free shipping offers apply to online orders only. You are not entitled to FREE shipping if you call in a phone order.

Free shipping offers are for street addresses only, you cannot use free shipping offers for a P.O Box.

Free shipping offers are at the discretion of Windsor fish hatchery all offers must be completed in one order.

Area's that shipping costs are more than the order do not qualify nor do orders where the shipping to your area costs as much as one of your chosen fish or a batch of fish in cases such as these you would need to pay the shipping or cancel the order . 

All orders under free shipping must go the same week, to the same address. 

Windsor fish hatchery advises that the free shipping offer has a date limit, if you purchase after that date you will not be entitled to free shipping. 

competitions or giveaways

In the case of a competition or giveaway where the winner is in a remote area and shipping is excessive a fee is applicable for postage

You must supply an address a P.O box is not eligible 

All decisions on the winner are final, no appeals will be entered into

No prizes will be eligible for free shipping unless stated otherwise in the advertisement

No prizes can be swapped for money

No money will be paid to winners unless otherwise stated in the giveaway or competition

All credits must be used in the online shop only

Credits can be used for dry goods or fish, postage is applicable to your destination

Credit amounts must be used in one order and no change will be given

Credits will have a date limit of 3 months no extension of time will be given for any reason

Credits will be in the winners name with a valid date the winner will be notified by email only

Credits can be used in phone orders

It is up to the winner to use the credit within the required time, Windsor fish hatchery will not be responsible if the valid date lapses

prizes are not transferable to other products

winners will be responsible for supplying their correct details such as delivery addresses, email, phone etc