Shipping rates and delivery times

Please beware changing any delivery details direct with the courier company will not allow you to make any claims for live fish. 

Shipping is weekly. Mondays only, cut off for processing and packing orders is the Saturday 5pm prior to the Monday shipment. If your order is in later than 5pm, it will ship the Monday fortnight.

Shipping rates are based on the weight and type of items you order and the suburb they are being delivered to. We ship most orders through Fastways couriers, but will also use other courier services We do not use Australia post due to excessive costs, and loss of items, for this reason we cannot ship to P.O.Boxes.

Our customers will typically receive their goods 5-7 days after ordering, but we request that you allow up to 14 days in regional areas.

Our shipping is done by a courier company, if they deliver to the wrong address we wont be held liable, however we will verify that you receive the parcel with your order from the address it was incorrectly delivered to. if you cant get the goods from the incorrect address we will resupply the goods to you. 

 Shipping Live Fish

It is your responsibility to provide your correct personal details on every order, if the address, phone number and email are not correct, you are not entitled to a refund if the fish dont arrive or you have to pickup from the depo.

If you are entering your business details please make sure the fish are going to a business and you have included your hours and delivery details such as access to the business and where to leave the fish, example with reception, staff, front of store etc.

If you live in a block of units, security units or townhouses please make sure you include the security gate code to enter and details of where the fish box can be left in the event you are not home. No fish are taken back to the depo, so if they box is left where it can get stolen, you will be liable if you dont supply all the information the courier needs to deliver the fish, and not entitled to a refund or claim.  

Cut off time and day for Monday shipping is Saturday 5pm before the Monday.

Live fish are shipped separately from any dry goods you purchase from our store.

Your fish will be shipped on the Monday only the following week after your order and will arrive 24 to 48hrs after they leave windsor fish hatchery on the central coast. If you are not home for the arrival of your koi, they will be left at the front door.

If your delivery location requires your order to be in transit for longer than 4 days we cannot ship to your location, if this is the case, you will either; get a message during checkout advising you we cannot ship, or we will contact you and offer a full refund. For some locations more  

Our shipping is done by a courier company, if they deliver to the wrong address ,we will verify that you receive the parcel with your order from the address it was incorrectly delivered to. if you cant get the goods from the incorrect address we will resupply the goods to you.  Refunds only apply if the fish die before they get to you.

Protecting live fish from undue stress is our priority. That's why we specially condition all fish for travel prior to dispatch. On the day of shipping, fish are packed into watertight bags along with treated water and hospital grade oxygen. The bags are then placed into insulated boxes to protect from temperature fluctuations. 

 Some areas require pickup at the courier depo, if this is the case for your area we will contact you. For this reason it is important to supply a valid contact email and or mobile at time of checkout.

If we cant deliver to your area, your money will be refunded in full via the payment gateway you used to pay for your order.

Cancelling orders

live fish orders and dry goods orders can only be cancelled by email, including your order number, name, contact details and the reason why. 

You can only cancel an order on a weekday, excluding Mondays for orders that are being shipped that day.

You will incur a $25 admin fee per order.

Goldfish & Koi sizes

fish size is indicated from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail and is always an estimated size to the best of our ability we don't  guarantee the size will be exact, it could be slightly bigger or smaller. 

Acceptable variance in size of Goldfish is 1cm quoted for delivery. Work practices put the health of the fish first, we do not handle the fish to take measurements rather the tape is placed above or beside the fish in a aquarium or bowl, measurements are taken when the goldfish is photographed for the site.

 This method causes the least amount of stress to the fish.

  In the case of a claim for fish sizing being incorrect, for goldfish if the size is out more than 1cm we will refund the difference in cost between the size stated and the size supplied. Courier costs are not refunded. That value is based on the fish size supplied and is set by Windsor fish hatchery no negotiations  will be entered into with the customer.

  The same applies for the Koi however the size variance is 2cm , We don't want to cause the fish excess stress in handling. For koi there is also measuring bowls, with tape at the bottom to measure the fish.

  To make a claim you will need to take a clear picture of the fish with a tape indicating the size of the fish and email to only pictures emailed via the email are acceptable. The email for claims must be received within 12 hours of the fish being delivered for your claim to be authentic.

  Windsor fish hatchery will process your claim up to 5 days and you will be notified via reply to your email of the outcome. Any refunds will be processed by the same payment method as you used to pay for the fish within 24hrs.

  full refunds of fish cost only apply when the fish are dead on delivery. Courier cost are not refunded.

  Courier cost are only refunded when you don't receive your fish at all, via courier or other party.

 Live Fish Delivery Guarantee

Very rarely, despite every care being taken, a fish may die during shipping. In this circumstance if you have not yet opened the bag or let the fish into your aquarium or pond we will refund you the cost of the dead fish, keeping in mind we often put extra fish in with very small koi. We do not refund koi under size 6cm, extra would have gone in the order.

To claim a refund of the fish only you must complete the following:

1.Take a clear photo of the dead fish inside the bag showing that the bag is still intact and has not been opened.

2. Email the image along with your name and address to within 12 hours of receipt of the fish.

Still have questions, please contact us on


free shipping offers

unless otherwise stated free shipping offers apply to online orders only. You are not entitled to FREE shipping if you call in a phone order.

Free shipping offers are for street addresses only, you cannot use free shipping offers for a P.O Box

We will only split shipping of paid shipping orders, all orders under free shipping must go the same week, to the same address, you can pay for shipping and have the shipping split on different weeks to different addresses. However you cannot pay for one item when there is more than one and send the item to a different address or split the order, this applies to live fish & dry goods

Free shipping only applies to pacific couriers for pacific areas, if we find you are in a very difficult area to ship live fish to, we will cancel the order and offer you other options such as paying for shipping normally for areas that cost more than $45 to courier fish to in time frame for live fish or pickup from the courier depo, or pickup agent. Shipping is still free to pickup from depos and agents if that is the only option. Can be more than 3 hrs travel time

Windsor fish hatchery advises that the free shipping offer has a date limit, if you purchase after that date you will not be entitled to free ship

Unless otherwise stated in the advertisement free shipping offers do not include any live fish including Goldfish, Koi and any other fish on the website at the time of the advertisement.

competitions or giveaways

In the case of a competition or giveaway where the winner is in a remote area and shipping is excessive a fee is applicable for postage

You must supply an address a P.O box is not eligible 

All decisions on the winner are final, no appeals will be entered into

No prizes will be eligible for free shipping unless stated otherwise in the advertisement

No prizes can be swapped for money

No money will be paid to winners unless otherwise stated in the giveaway or competition

All credits must be used in the online shop only

Credits can be used for dry goods or fish, postage is applicable to your destination

Credit amounts must be used in one order and no change will be given

Credits won have a date limit of 3 months no extension of time will be given for any reason

Credits will be in the winners name with a valid date the winner will be notified by email only

Credits can be used in phone orders

It is up to the winner to use the credit within the required time, Windsor fish hatchery will not be responsible if the valid date lapses

All chosen winners are final, prizes cannot be used as credit value for other customers

prizes are not transferable to other products

winners will be responsible for supplying their correct details such as delivery addresses, email, phone etc