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koi and goldfish feeding time

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The bottom, edges, and any vegetation in the pond are where koi and goldfish spend the majority of their time foraging. Incorporate protein and carbohydrate meals into their diet by feeding our floating fish food pellets. Feeding your koi & goldfish is best done when you have some time to spend with your fish. You'll learn more about your fish's specific habits, including how much food they eat and what kinds they prefer. The first indicator that something is wrong is usually a shift in one's eating habits.

Incorporate this into your koi fish's regular diet and rest assured that they are getting the proper nutrition they require.

Feeding fish no more than they can finish eating in five minutes is recommended.. In about six weeks, you can train your koi to eat from your hand by slowly introducing a floating fish food pellet to your pond once a day. One of the best things about having a koi or goldfish as a pet is getting to take care of them.

The winter months are an ideal time to feed fish a diet based on wheatgerm, available in 1kg, 3kgs and 5kgs