Hi Grade Kernel Wheatgerm Med 5-5.5mm Pellet 5kgs Winter Food

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Hikari Wheatgerm Koi 5kgs floating pellet 5-5.5mm

Windsor fish hatchery recommends feeding wheat germ in the cooler months of the year to prevent stomach problems caused by undigested food. 

In cooler water  Koi fish & goldfish metabolism slows down, they can only really digest their food in the warmest part of the day.

Feed you koi in the morning so they have all day to digest their food

halve their intake from summer feeding.

don't feed in the late afternoon

floating food allows you to net off any excess which will aid in keeping the pond water healthy, also when the fish come to the surface to eat you can check them out for any issues.

Can be fed in Summer for variety

The only food on the market to use the inner most portion of the wheat germ kernel with added vitamins & minerals offers higher levels of nutrients to the koi.

Koi will keep their shape, vitality and health during winter