Gold Koi Med 5-5.5mm floatiing Pellet 10kilos FREE Shipping

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Hikari Gold Koi Medium 5-5.5mm 10 kilos floating pellet

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 What we feed our fish in the summer to help them develop without impairing the quality of the water. Hikari Gold is a special daily meal developed for Koi fish. This food for koi fish and can also be fed to goldfish is designed to aid in colour, form and growth. The ingredients promote excellent form and no fatty deposits whilst also allowing for fast growth in the summer season. The science behind this hikari fish food and feeding koi is to stabilize and establish solid and deep colour weather its white (shiro) Muji (Red) or Sumi (black). All koi colouring will benefit from feeding hikari gold floating pellet.  

Floating fish food brings your fish to the surface where you can check them to make sure there are no issues arising. Catching problems early means you can fix the problem and save your prized fish pals.