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buy fish food for goldfish in ponds.

Windsor fish hatchery feeds around 1000 goldfish every day, so you can trust we know what to feed your goldfish. If your fish are in ponds you want a floating pellet for comets, shubunkins and fancy goldfish. All fish thrive in ponds and will eat bugs, plants and algae however they are dependent on you feeding them all the vitamins and nutrients that wouldn't be available in a man made closed system, like a pond.

 We recommend produced here in australia, for our climate and to suit the fishes needs.  We sell a range of Australia fish food in different pellet sizes or you can buy a mix, to feed all the different size fish in your pond. Pellet sizes are 1,3mm. 

 Also we have an Australia winter goldfish food made of wheatgerm and algae for easy digestion in the very cold water. In pellet sizes 3 & 6mm

 A floating food is best, if you over feed you can simply net off the excess, so as not to destroy your pond water.

Sera granules are one of the foods we feed our goldfish in ponds, there are two types spirulina pellets , & granules, this is a very well balanced food for feeding in a pond.Big and small fish alike will eat it with ease. 

what to feed Goldfish in an aquarium

These fish are generally very small and so require less food more often and to suit there size. The Hikari range of foods is best suited to goldfish kept in an aquarium.

follow the seasons as you would in a pond, unless your tank is heated, goldfish are best kept at ambient temperatures to achieve healthy strong fish, however if you want to heat the aquarium 18 degrees should be the maximum temperature the tank is set to. There is hikari wheatgerm for easy digestion in winter, fish feeding, hikari staple for all year fish food and Hikari goldfish excel and hikari goldfish gold for growth and natural colour in summer. 

In a heated tank make sure your goldfish get enough fibre and not to much protein, so you could feed hikari goldfish gold two days of the week, hikari wheatgerm 3 days a week & treats for the last 2 days.

what can i feed my fish other than fish food

If you want to treat your fish, feed vegetables, we have all heard of peas, but there are lots of veggies you may have in your fridge at home that they would love. Read the blog on how to feed vegetables to your goldfish

best goldfish food australia : 

Everything in moderation, feed gold fish variety, its the spice of life. And its fun to watch them gobble it up. 



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