Time to feed the fish floating Pellet 3mm in sizes

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 Time to feed the koi and goldfish.

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 As long as this is a regular part of your koi fish's diet, you can rest easy knowing they're getting all the nutrients they need.

 We advise not giving fish more food than they can consume in five minutes. Training your koi to eat out of your hand only takes about six weeks if you feed them a floating fish food pellet once a day. When you own a koi or goldfish, you get the rewarding experience of caring for a living creature. Feed a floating food brings them to the surface of the pond where you can see them and they can see you, this enables you to gain trust and inspect you koi for any problems.

 Wheatgerm, sold in increments of 1kgs, 3kgs, & 5kgs, is an excellent staple food for fish during the colder months.