Winter Wheatgerm Stick Koi & Goldfish 3kgs

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Wheatgerm sticks can be fed year round for extra fibre

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Sticks made from wheatgerm fill up your fish and provide better nutrition for them in the colder months than protein-based foods.
The stick is floating and softens in the water to feed all size fish.We feed all of our fish wheatgerm.

Wheatgerm sticks are a great daily food for fish since they are high in digestible fibre.
In order to avoid issues with undigested food, the Windsor fish hatchery suggests feeding wheat germ during the cooler months of the year.

Koi fish and goldfish, whose metabolism slows significantly in cooler water, can only properly digest their food during the hottest portion of the day.

* Give your koi the entire day to digest their food, morning feds are best.
* reduce summer feeding by half.
* Avoid feeding in the early evening
I haven't met a fish yet that doesn't like wheatgerm