Feeding Goldfish. What do Goldfish Eat? "Get the Answers Here!

Feeding Goldfish. What do Goldfish Eat? "Get the Answers Here!

When you buy goldfish from our goldfish farm we want you to be successful in looking after your goldfish online ,so we try to give you all the information we have gained over many years of keeping and breeding goldfish. 

How Often do you Feed Goldfish!

Captive fish are entirely dependent on you for their food, so It should be offered regularly. They are a small animal with a very small digestive track, so 2-3 small meals a day is better than one large meal. 

The younger the goldfish the more often you should offer them food in varied form to mimic the way they eat in the wild.

Hikari Saki Balance would be one of the best foods i have fed our fancy goldfish for the water and the fish. They absorb most of it, with very little waste going into the water and they are happier, this food is great for your goldfish's well being. 

How do you tell if a goldfish is happy? They will eat regularly, and swim around their tank or pond using all the area they have.

How Much to Feed Goldfish!

In the aquarium or pond, feed goldfish a pinch of flake or 2 pellets each fish at a time. Initially, healthy goldfish are very keen to feed and will greedily eat the food being offered. As they consume it, however they will gradually become less active and this is the point at which to stop feeding. This will avoid overfeeding and the problems of polluting the water. 

If your pond goldfish are in water below 10 degrees, you should be feeding wheat germ only. Only feed what they will consume in a minute over winter.  Where as goldfish in ponds will get fed much less in winter as the water cools down. Also goldfish in ponds will source food from the algae growing on the sides of the pond, bugs landing in the pond and microscopic animals living on plants within the pond.

When the water temperature is around 13 degrees start feeding a mix of higher protein that you were in winter. 

Aquarium goldfish will feed throughout the year as the water temperature will be fairly constant.

What do Goldfish Eat?

Our fancy goldfish receive Goldy gran and Spirulina foods four out of seven days a week. They have a very high fibre content, which is crucial for fancy goldfish, and these foods are a light food in terms of protein.

Because of their form, you shouldn't feed fancy goldfish high-protein foods too frequently, spirulina still promotes growth in the winter and adds a tonne of fibre to their diet. 

The goldy gran is a mainstay of mine, and I combine it with frozen daphina, live plants, and vegetable goodies through out the week.

The most important factor in caring for goldfish is the water, but the quality and diversity of the food is equally as crucial to the happiness and health of your fish.


  When feeding goldfish in outside ponds in winter, feed wheatgerm. You can buy Hikari Wheatgerm or Hikari staple food pellets in 2mm

Otherwise feed live plants or live food. You can buy bunch plants in winter from your local and put them in your tank or pond for the fish as many plants die back in winter.


Best food for Goldfish Treats

Variety, Variety feed them lots and they will thrive!

In addition to commercial diets, goldfish appreciate the occasional treat food. Natural foods are the best choice as treat foods

What can i feed my fish other than fish food & how to feed veggies.

How to feed the fish lettuce. Rinse the lettuce in pieces, use a glass cleaning magnet to attach the lettuce to the inside of the aquarium, or rip into small pieces to float on the top. Remove all uneaten lettuce in 24hrs so it.

Fresh orange, cut off the skin and white fibers, cut into strip and attach to a rock at the bottom of the aquarium or pond with a rubber band, leave for a few hours for the fish to graze on.

Before you put the vegetables in the tank blanch or steam them do this to soften them up, and so they wont float in the tank. 1 to 2 minutes is long enough for most vegetables such as cucumber with the skin cut off, sliced 3mm thick. Zucchini can be halved, blanched and sunk skin down, or spinach, blanch and do the same as lettuce. Peas blanch, take the skin off, cut into pieces. Remove all this food with 24hrs so it wont pollute the water.

Feeding Plants

 Aquarium plants are great also and they can stay in the tank or pond. I pot them in small black pots of aquarium gravel and leave them for them to eat, when they are half eaten I take them outside and put in water for them to continue to grow, so the fish have them to eat for another day. 

Plants we feed Water sprite, water crest,  bacopa, Turtle grass, Vallisneria, Java fern, Wisteria, parrots feather.

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