Do i have to quarantine my new fish? Get the Answers.

Do i have to quarantine my new fish? Get the Answers.

If you get all your fish from windsor fish hatchery, you’re probably already sharing our biodiversity” in your pond or aquarium, so we feel it’s safe to add them without quarantining.

However, if you buy from multiple sources, then it’s a good idea to quarantine.

   keeping in mind it’s critical to provide a suitable environment.

  • Separate tank or pond of the right size
  • A substrate is essential in an aquarium because fish become stressed when they can see themselves in the glass bottom
  • Matured filter or mature media for filter seeding.
  • The temperature should be the same as in the pond or tank where the fish will be kept.
  • Fish need shelter and hiding places for their well being
  • Acclimate the new koi or goldfish as usual, leaving them in the tank or pond for 3 to 6 weeks. Feed as usual and do water changes on a weekly basis. If there are no problems after 3 to 6 weeks, you can release them from quarantine.

We believe if you cannot provide the proper environment for your fish in quarantine, you will cause more harm than good. The stress will bring on disease even in a healthy fish

 Our goldfish quarantine section. We dont breed all our goldfish many are from other sources.

What could be the causes of stress in fish

  • Ammonia in the water will burn the fish, setup is new.
  • Chlorine in the water added tap water without using a water ager
  • pH too low, we run all our fish in 7.8 pH, Test the water
  • Bright lights on an aquarium, with no hiding spots
  • No substrate in the aquarium
  • lack of sufficient oxygen, area of quarantine tank or pond is to small for the size of the fish
  • The water temperature in the aquarium is too high for cold water fish. Ambient temperature or not above 18 degrees for goldfish.
  • 1 foot, Shallow pond in full sun, lack of oxygen & heat stress 

All our koi fish are bred at the hatchery, so there is no need for a quarantine area.

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