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Next shipping of fish last for the year Monday 12th/12 

                           OUR CONTACT NUMBER 

      ring  02 45725374  9am to 4pm M-F 5 days

         don't want to make a purchase online

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Hello, you are on the site of the new Windsor fish hatchery, (misty pines farm) we have recently changed our business from a bricks and mortar shop after 34yrs to an online shop & breeding hatchery on the central coast.

 There are big changes ahead for us and our valued customers. We want to create an online experience that is easy to navigate around.

Present beautiful pictures of the actual fish we are selling as if you were looking in the fish tank, enjoying the comfort of shopping at home or office in a time that suits you.

 Live fish will be sold in a range of sizes, colours and prices. You will be able to choose your colours and how many.

 Our range of goldfish and koi will get bigger and better as we start to breed more and sell only our bred goldfish including fancy goldfish, breeding our own goldfish will produce better quality fish & great prices.

We are implementing new methods, and this wont be what you are use to from us so please be patient, we cant rush putting this in place or it wont be right. If you notice something wrong on the website please let us know at info@windsorfishhatchery.com.au

We  will keep you up to date, Open farm days for visits wont happen till the other side of Xmas. You will be able to make appointments to purchase in person and on the phone.

Windsor fish hatchery has always been their with advice & a shared passion for everything fish, that hasn't changed. You can ring and get advice on anything fish.

contact by email. info@windsorfishhatchery.com.au