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Windsor Fish Hatchery

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 EVERYONE, because of the Australia Day Holiday falling on Tuesday shipping week, we will not be shipping any fish till Monday 1 Febuary

we are under going some changes, we are now open 4 days a week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9am to 5pm 

 We are a aquarium and water garden centre, we sell tropical,native,marine, goldfish and Japanese koi. We have all the accessories to setup a fantastic aquarium or pond, including pond and Aquarium plants, tanks,driftwood and rocks, pumps, filters, ornaments, nets, water conditioners for pond and aquariums.

 Being in the business for the last 33 years means we have lots of experience, if you have tried to keep fish before and not had any luck we can guide you through the setup and stocking of your aquarium or pond with sound advice and water testing.

 Its a fact that watching fish de stresses you. Its why many of our customers remark that once they have setup a tank in their living area they watch it more than they watch the tv, it can be such a rewarding hobby for all ages. We are always here to help, there is a blog on the website home page banner called (keeping Fish) we cover everything fish in this blog and are always updating and writing new blogs with all sort of useful information.

 If you have a spot in your garden thats empty & your not sure what to fill it with. why not a pond! put seats nearby and enjoy the sounds of the water and wildlife it will attract,

 We grow most of our water plants for the pond and fish tank here, we have a large selection of rock and driftwood from all over Australia. We stock premium bulk foods which can be purchased online or instore for all types of fish including tropicals, loaches, catfish, natives, koi, goldfish and specialized foods such as sera, spectrum and tetra.

 We breed all the our Japanese koi here and some of the goldfish, Tropical fish, Axolotls etc. Come in and visit and Why not feed the koi while you are here!



 Lotus and Water Lilies in store now, Water lilies online