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   Best wishes for a safe and happy easter from windsor fish hatchery

Windsor Fish Hatchery
Aquarium and Water Garden Center

With over 27 years of experience Windsor Fish Hatchery is the best place to shop for all your aquarium and watergarden needs. We specialise in;

  • We breed many different varieties of Koi every year, including butterfly koi to purchase the koi come in to Windsor Fish Hatchery at 752 George st South Windsor 2756 or call the shop to have them couriered to your door.    

  •  We have over 100 Aquariums of tropical, native, goldfish and marines to choose from instore.
  • Complete goldfish,tropical and marine aquarium setups including Aquariums,Gravel, Coral Sand, Filters undergravel, internal, overflow, hangon, canister, Sumps,Lights LED and Tubes, Refractors, Protien Skimmers, Wave Makers, Nets, bulk foods for tropicals and goldfish and specialized foods Sera and Hikari,driftwood, rock and all the accessories you will need for any setup;
  • All you need to create stunning outdoor watergardens of any size including pondliners, pumps,Pond plants,Pond Filters, water lilles, lotus, rushes, canna and lots of variety all grown at the hatchery, many different types of rocks, driftwood from all over Australia
  • Premium bulk foods can be purchased online or instore for all types of fish including tropicals fish, loaches, goldfish,natives, koi and specialized foods from Sera and Hikari

   Prepare your pond for winter now!blog Keeping fish


pick of the month, the best fish at a great price while they are small
FEATURING Breeders choice fish with good colouring, markings and shape $25 each
VERY NICE 5 mixed choice for $100
Mixed Choice means thats one or two koi of every co...lour, you cant buy ;example 10 of one colour unless you pay the single koi price for each fish.

$3.95ea NOW $3ea 10 mixed choice for $25

$10ea NOW $8.00 10 mixed choice for $60

$15ea NOW $12.00 10 mixed choice for $100

other prices on special each price reduced by $5 a koi and even more on the multi buys $30 3 for $80, $40 3 for $110 , $50 2 for $95 , $60 each 2 for $110

You can ring and have the koi delivered to your door, just order over the phone and pay via credit card.
cost of couriering to most areas is $35 a box, We pack them in high grade plastic bags with hospital grade oxygen in insulated boxes to last up to 48hrs.


         Come in and visit windsor fish hatchery at 752 George st south   Windsor 2756 and while your here feed the Koi