Balance Saki Sinking Pellet 200g perfect for all size fancy goldfish

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They love it !

Love this food a year on since writing this and i am very impressed with the results, we still feed variety but i have found the fish do very well on some of this food in their diet and they love it

We haven't been feeding this food to our fancy goldfish for more than a couple of days so i dont have a lot of results yet, but we are very impressed with the results we got we the koi balance food. 

The fish are looking great, they love the food, its a small long 2-3mm pellet that sinks, we are feeding all our fancy goldfish and the smaller comets & shubunkin. small feeds 2 to 3 times a day

One benefit of feeding Saki balance was that the pond filters required far less cleaning, and fish waste was reduced by more than half. They appeared to be absorbing all of the nutrients from the food, with only a small amount remaining as waste. We are also feeding less of this food because the koi appear to be fuller and are eating less.

The fish actually look brighter and happier.

The diagram contains data about the hikari germ.