1 kilo Balance Saki Sinking Pellet for goldfish

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Next level goldfish food, you wont believe the difference it makes to your goldfish & your water quality

This food is very digestible, that is seen in the waste results and that the fish do not seem to be holding excess gas or air in their stomachs, which can cause floating or swimming problems in fancy goldfish

This is a sinking food

The goldfish have reacted to the new food really well, the food seems well suited to the dense bodies of oranda's and other fancy goldfish. Saki Balance Goldfish should be part of the variety of foods fed for all fancy goldfish and common goldfish such as comets, marigolds and shubunkin.  

 small feeds 2 to 3 times a day

A benefit of feeding Saki balance was that the pond filters required far less cleaning, and fish waste was reduced by more than half. They appeared to be absorbing all of the nutrients from the food, with only a small amount remaining as waste. We are also feeding less of this food because the goldfish appear to be fuller with less and are eating less.

The fish actually look brighter and happier.

The diagram contains data about the hikari germ.