How will i look after my fish in the pond while i am away on holidays

How will i look after my fish in the pond while i am away on holidays

Just like you would the car ,prepare the pond before you go on hoildays so you dont come back to disaster!

 What ever size pond you have there are things you can do to avoid disaster while you are away.

 Is a friend/neighbor going to be feeding the fish, sounds great till they put a weeks worth of food in at once or feed twice as much as you would, this causes the water to foul and blocks the pump, on a warm day you could lose all your fish due to lack of oxygen

 The best way to deal with this is to get them to come over twice a week and put the amount of floating pellet for each day in a zip lock bag for them to feed, always feed less than you would normally.

Put a pond block 1kg large pond, in, this will help with any excess food, pH changes. pond blocks help to stabilize the water and release bacteria to keep the pond ammonia free. while your away you wont be able to do water changes or top ups or clean the filter, toxins can build up , the pond block 200grams small pond,will help break down and toxins till you get back. leave the block in for a total of six months to get the best results. 

 Koi can go one to two months with out food, so if there is no one that can feed them don't worry. however its best to get someone to drop in and check pumps and filters are still running. leave you mobile number with them in case of any problems.

 If you have Goldfish, they will feed on larvae, worms, vegetation and bugs within the pond. Dont feed at all.

Our suggestions for you holiday pond maintenance  

 * Clean the pond a week before you go away not the day before

   clean the pump and filter.

   Dont touch the bio balls in the bottom.

   Replace the filter wool and clean the sponges.

   Clean the bottom of the pond net out any sludge on the bottom of the pond we have a product that will do this for you

 * Put a cover net over the pond to keep birds and other predators away.


  * Add a second backup air pump just while you are away, if one blocks the fish will still have air.