Recommended Practice, Introducing new koi or goldfish to your pond! Reliable Advice

Recommended Practice, Introducing new koi or goldfish to your pond! Reliable Advice

Your new koi or goldfish have arrived move the box to a shaded area next to the pond.

Stressed fish will result in the fish becoming diseased.

Never add fish to a newly filled pond without adding water ager to remove chlorine and chlorinates. This is effective immediately.

Add a few fish at a time in a new pond, this is essential for koi  & Goldfish as they produce a lot of ammonia, a new pond will not have the amount of bacteria needed to break down a lot of that ammonia. You can add more fish weekly, as long as the pond is testing nil to Ammonia. You want the pH to be between 7.5 to 7.8

 Your fish have arrived, you want to make sure they settle in and thrive, its important to do this right. 

Open the bag, its easier to place the bag in the pond then fold down the sides of the bag making a floating bucket.

 leave for a few minutes. No longer is necessary

 Dip one edge of the bag and add some pond water. Leave for a few more minutes. 

With wet hands you can take your fish out of the bag and place them in the pond with out adding the bag water to your pond.

This is how to hold your koi with wet hands, and place them in the water, or you can tip the bag so the fish and the water go into the pond.

Remember your fish has been in a box for up to 48hrs, The box has been moved around to deliver the fish to you and the fish has never traveled before, all this means some fish will lose their colour and others will only fade a little. Let your fish settle in and give the fish at the least 3 weeks to colour back up.

Feeding the best food you can afford and keeping the water parameter in check will help you maintain healthy koi and goldfish

Add salt to the pond 1kg of rock salt to every 2000 liters of water, this will build any lost body slime on the fish due to stress. Body slime protects the fish from disease

Test your pH regularly to keep it in the best range