Koi and Goldfish Pond Maintenance "the story of pond water"

Koi and Goldfish Pond Maintenance "the story of pond water"

When you buy goldfish or koi from windsor fish hatchery we want the hobby to be easy and fun. Whilst providing the best information to you, so you can provide the best environment for the fish.

Fish & Water Quality

if you are having a problem with your koi or goldfish the first thing we will ask is 

       What is your pH and water parameters & how often do you do water changes ?

there's a good reason for that!   "Its all about the water"   when it comes to fish 

The best way to keep the fish healthy is to maintain consistent water chemistry over an extended period of time.Unless your water conditions are extreme, most pond fish can and will adapt to your water parameters.

What Should I monitor? 

As a minimum, you should monitor ammonia , nitrites,nitrates & pH. 

We also keep an eye on water temperature. 

When its risen we do a water change,

 when it decreases over winter we change the food to wheatgerm based.

 water stays cleaner for longer with high quality foods. 

Water Changes

Water changes are an important part of fish management.

One reason for chemical build up is evaporation. 

When water evaporates from a pond or aquarium system it leaves behind all the pollutants.

Sure the beneficial bacteria in your pond is busy doing their job, but sometimes the good bacteria cant keep up.

Less than perfect water quality can be vastly improved with water changes.

Topping Off a pond to compensate for evaporation is not considered a water change,

because no pollutants are removed in the process.

Your goal is to reduce concentrations of dissolved compounds in your water.

Generally, 10-20% of the water is drained weekly. Replace with fresh water from your tap or bore.

Remember before you begin make sure you have chlorine remover

Chlorine is toxic to both fish and beneficial bacteria.

Water changes are used to control toxic chemical build up in the pond or aquarium. 

Water changes also reduce pheromones that are becoming concentrated in your water, and will restrict your fishes growth. 

Especially if the pond or aquarium stocking rate is heavy.

Chemical pollutants and pheromones are best controlled by regular water changes.

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