How to clear green pond water fast "Fit It Now"

How to clear green pond water fast "Fit It Now"

Here's the bottom line

 As soon as the weather starts to warm up most ponds "green up" in spring/summer with a dense bloom of panktonic algae. I get lots of calls asking what can I do to clear my pond?

Often the bloom is so thick that the water looks like pea soup  and the fish become totally invisible. 

For a natural control of algae blooms you have to look to competitors for vital nutrients in the water. The two nutrients that are highly correlated with algal blooms are nitrogen and phosphorus. 

Plants are good consumers of phosphates. The more vigorous the growth rate of the plants, and the more of them, the more effectively they will be able to compete with the algae for dissolved nutrients. 

If you harvest mature plants half way through the growing season by cutting them back, they will continue to be heavy consumers of phosphate in the water.

Most good nurseries sell a range of water plants.

Checkout the building of a hatchery photo gallery, we add new photos as we build.

We use a combination of both natural and mechanical to keep our ponds healthy and clear. 

our other form of natural competitor for nutrients in the water, is nitrifying bacteria found in biological filters, they will compete for phosphates. The nitrifying bacteria that populate the filter have a high phosphorus demand. With correct filter media and cleaning processes a biological filter, can clear a pond very rapidly. despite the fact that it is a producer of nitrate.

Plants will also absorb nitrate, you will need a lot however to make a difference, the larger the pond the more you will need. Great with goldfish, but there is nothing koi like better than eating plants.  

You can expect a good amount in 6 to 8 weeks after setup. so long as you don't clean the filter with tap water ,overfeed or over stock the pond in the first 2 months.

Pond blocks in the pond will build the bacteria fast and starve off algae. there are two sizes in these pond blocks, 1kg treats up to 50,000ltrs and 200grams treats up to 1000ltrs,.

You can also clear the water with algae killer, we have been selling this Australian brand for over 20 years and we know it works, for the instructions. Don't dose over the recommended amount, it wont work any quicker. 




For all ponds you will have crystal clear water in a week or two.

When you are cleaning water of algae, you are clearing the water.

Algae on the sides and the bottom of the pond are a natural part of the environment.

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