Got a small area you would like to fill ? What about a small pond with a couple of fish! Inspirational Idea's

Got a small area you would like to fill ? What about a small pond with a couple of fish! Inspirational Idea's

 Ponds are much more than a delightful addition to your space. A pond breathes life into whatever space it fills. Giving the area, atmosphere, sound & movement. It adds a wildlife dimension too - not only can you stock it with fancy goldfish, but it will also attract dragonflies, frogs and birds.

Water gardens can be created in the most unusual of places, like on balconies, verandas, court yards, glass houses, patios, and rooftop terraces, using materials as diverse as plastic IBCs, old bathtubs, earthen pots, wooden barrels, and concrete laundry sinks.

The walls of the container need to be thick enough to ensure a constant water temperature. Avoid copper, plastic pools or pool liner, Metals and antique lead cisterns.

If you wish to utilize a filter and pump in your pond, you can set it up near a power point or, if you don't have access to electricity, you can use a solar pump to move the water around or a floating solar fountain. The addition of a filter and pump to a small body of water will make upkeep much easier, although goldfish don't require one. 

I've had mine set up for about a year now, and I only need to remove a few buckets of water every few days to water my plants and replace it with fresh water. That's all for maintenance. I have a solar fountain pump that floats on the water to create movement in my pond. The pond only receives morning sun until 11.30am. I have a lot of water plants covering about 70% of the surface, which allows for good oxygen levels in the pond. I use a floating pellet for feeding. They eat a lot of plants, so it's perfectly fine to go on a trip without worrying your fish to be fed. There colour is vibrant and their health is excellent.

Don't put dirt in the bottom of your pond or the water will remain an unsightly murky colour; instead, use a larger gravel for the base of the plant pots, then place the plant inside, and fill up the rest with pea gravel. The plants will flourish thanks to the fish waste that will serve as fertilizer.

To prevent the pond's oxygen levels from plummeting, avoid having dense plant life cover the water's surface, or have a solar fountain or other method of moving water out of the pot and splashing back in which create's oxygen in the water. 

A few shells or pieces of coral rock placed in the planters can help maintain a consistent pH level. Test your water parameters and adjust as necessary. how to test freshwater quality what to test and understanding why.

If you pond is in full sun, provide shade with potted large plants or outdoor furniture. If the pond has shaded area's  you wont end up with green water. 5 Hrs a day is enough sunlight for lilies to flower. If you dont have lilies 2 to 3 hrs a day of full or part sun is plenty for the plants in the pond. 

The best aspect would be facing east for morning sun.

This is an ever evolving space that changes with the seasons, i set up mine in 2022 and below one year on. I sit by this daily for my morning cup of tea on the veranda. The same fish are in the 100 liter bowl two ryukin and 1 new added telescope. Everything within the pot has grown. The outside changes as some of the bigger plants go into the garden and new pots surround the one large pond. I use the water in the big pond to water the smaller pots daily and then add fresh water to the pot.  

space around the container pond can now be developed into an aesthetically soothing space. Your ready to stock the pond with Goldfish. Any of the fancy goldfish not only do well but will thrive in your outdoor pond, or indoor if you have the area. Depending on how many liters your pond holds up to 1000 liters is 10 fancy goldfish with no filter. 

We breed these fish, and have different fish available year round. Check out the fish.  

By strategically placing additional potted plants, a small water feature can give the impression of being much larger than it actually is. The key is to fill your pond container with a few high-quality water plants and then surround these with a wide range of other plant types. This allows for a planting that gives the impression of spanning from deep-water plants to those that grow just above the water's surface.

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