Circulation is more than just oxygen!!!!  One aspect of providing the best environment for your fish

Circulation is more than just oxygen!!!! One aspect of providing the best environment for your fish

In your pond or aquarium                  

 Windsor fish hatchery sells fancy goldfishcomets, shubunkins, and koi .Its important to us as a live fish seller that you understand  when you buy fish you need to provide the best environment for them, be it a outdoor fish pond or aquarium. 

The better you understand their needs, the easier it is to keep them healthy and happy.

An important part of that is understanding their environment

This explanation is to help you understand why its a good idea to have at the very least a pump in your pond or air stone in your aquarium  and just how important water circulation is.

A by-product of respiration is carbon dioxide, in excess this is dangerous to your goldfish. When water is circulated by way of a pumps the carbon dioxide is carried to the surface and out of the water into the atmosphere.

Other potentially harmful gases are likewise dissipated into the air by means of water circulation.

Unless water is moving, it will tend to form layers at differing temperatures, where as moving water has one overall temperature.

Circulation is also vital to removing unwanted by-products of the goldfish metabolism, and this includes excess oxygen which the circulation carries around the pond or aquarium for the benefit of the other fish.

Putting oxygen in and taking harmful substances out can also be done by using the filter return water hose.By placing the hose on the bottom of the pond, this pushes the bottom and middle layers of water to the surface, to recharge the oxygen and maintain a constant temperature within the pond.

Regular partial changes of the water in an aquarium or pond are essential. If you use tap water use water ager to get rid of chlorine and heavy metals in the water. And remember to check you pH after water changes, check the next day. Best pH is around 7.8, use a test kit for your pond water reading.

Testing water parameters alerts you to maintenance issues such as pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate,phosphate, read the blog "its all about the water!!! What to Test & understanding Why. Easy to follow.