Buying Guide for Koi Fish from the breeder !   What to consider.   Easy Read

Buying Guide for Koi Fish from the breeder ! What to consider. Easy Read

        If your going to be Buying Koi read this first!

When a potential customer asks me what they should buy, I'm always happy to help. Choose what you like best. Koi thrive when they are observed from an elevated perspective and are most suited to living in a pond. Our koi thrive thanks to the meticulous care we provide, along with the nourishing food and pristine water we keep. As a result, all of our koi are in excellent health.

The value of koi

When it comes to koi, like many other things, the price is determined by the quality. Size plays a role, but it's worth noting that a smaller fish of exceptional quality will be more expensive than a larger koi with less potential. The price of the koi is also influenced by factors such as colour and patterns. Our koi prices are based on our best judgment now. Assessing what you want in your purchase, only you can determine if the koi is worth the quoted price. Show winners are pricey, and you'll have to pay extra to get the one you desire. Purchasing koi at a young age is like purchasing wine at a young age: it may or may not age nicely. Our koi are guaranteed to be healthy and come from long lineages.

Affordable and worth every penny

When it comes to very young small koi fish, under 6 months old, the prices tend to remain more stable compared to older and larger koi fish. This is because as the koi mature, the variations between excellent, good, and average koi fish become more pronounced. It can be more challenging to identify these distinctions in smaller koi fish.

Guide to purchasing koi fish

When is the ideal time to buy koi? This is a common question that new koi enthusiasts often ask. Whenever you come across a koi that catches your eye, feel free to go for it! Just remember to consider the available space in your pond before making a purchase. If the pond has just been set up, it would be best to start with only 1 or 2 purchases to begin with. This allows the beneficial bacteria to thrive and develop, transforming harmful toxins and waste into safe substances.

Age is a factor in the transformation of koi.

When compared to other types of pets, koi undergo a remarkable transformation as they get older. By the time they are three years old, horses, dogs, and cats that are high quality will have demonstrated it. Most koi of this age will not have reached their full potential. After the third year, most koi will start to slow down in terms of growth, but they will still put on weight through expanding their girth.

What matters most for young koi

Maintaining excellent health is of utmost importance for young koi. At this point, colour isn't particularly important. Try to find an imaginary line in the middle that is straight. It should be easy to tell if the fish are being fed enough. The size and shape of the pectoral fins should be optimal.

At the start size does matter!

Just like any other living creature, koi will fight for food and space when you first fill your pond with them. Consequently, it's smart to get koi that are about the same size. When housed around larger koi, who consume a disproportionate amount of food, smaller koi will remain small. All the fish will swim to eat the floating fish food pellets, but the bigger koi will eat first. 

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