Hikari Year Round Diet for Koi & goldfish food 5kg 5.5-5mm FREE Shipping

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Hikari Staple year round use For Koi & goldfish 5kgs floating pellet 5-5.5mm

We feed this food mixed with other hikari foods to the koi and comets, shubunkin and marigolds. You can avoid having to do a lot more maintenance on the pond if you use hikari fish food staple to feed your fish. This is a high quality food that conveniently will be shipped to your door for FREE, the food is in a resealable package, although we suggest you keep your food in a airtight container for freshness. Ideal for feeding throughout spring, summer, autumn & winter when vitamin C is especially important for the immune system of your fish. 

Great meal for year round feeding in any season, at the hatchery we serve this food to different ponds thought out the year as a blend with other hikari foods to both koi and goldfish.