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 Get some food for the fish in the pond!

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 It's safe to assume your koi fish are doing well if you feed them this fresh made weekly Australian fish food on a regular basis.

 Mixed-size pellets are best for feeding koi fish because they accommodate the pond's wide range of fish sizes.

 Never give fish more food than they can finish eating in five minutes. One floating fish food pellet given once a day will have your koi eating right out of your hand in no time. Taking on the responsibility of caring for a koi or goldfish as a pet is a great way to gain the rewarding experience of caring for a living being. Use floating fish food to lure your koi to the surface of the water, where you can interact with them. You can gain their trust while checking the health of your koi.

 Wheatgerm, available in 1, 3, and 5 kilo quantities, is an excellent staple food for fish during the winter.