Hatchery News

We've moved to the central coast, NSW

After more than three decades working from our iconic Windsor location we've now moved and are in the early stages of building a new hatchery on the central coast of NSW.

We are very excited about our new location, it provides us with the space and the natural resources to build the efficient, sustainable hatchery we've always aspired to. Though it is a lot of hard work it is truly fantastic to watch it come together. 

What Windsor fish hatchery sells now.

Windsor fish hatchery will be producing koi from the new hatchery in October 2017 and selling babies from late November 2017. larger koi bred last year will be online from late September 2017 from 15cm, as the months go by this summer there will be a bigger variety of koi than ever before.

We are now selling online; live Goldfish, koi & goldfish bulk food, Speciality fish foods such as JPD koi food, Hikari Koi & goldfish foods, turtle food, Algae wafers & sinkers and native fish food, pond water treatments, pond UV units and replacement globes, pond cover nets,  Kit koi & goldfish ponds, Moulded koi & goldfish ponds, pond & aquarium test kits, pond & aquarium water blocks, Aquarium water treatments. 

In late 2018 we hope to have the hatchery ready for the public to visit, these open farm days will be advertised on our face book page and the website, we will also send out a newsletter to all our online subscribers, letting you know dates.

We will be selling water lilies, lotus & some garden plants when we are open to the public , we will not be selling these online.

We will start selling pacific blue eyes, white clouds, paradise fish and other cold water fish later in spring 2017 online. 

 Windsor Fish Hatchery is now 100% online

Due to our new location being under construction, it is not safe for customer visits at this stage. For this reason Windsor Fish Hatchery store will be 100% online until at least 2018.

 Not everything has changed!

Windsor Fish Hatchery have always been there for our customers with advice and a shared passion for fish keeping, this has not changed. The hatchery is still run by Tom and Izzy and you can still email us on info@windsorfishhatchery.com.au to get advice on keeping your fish happy and healthy.