Pond & Aquarium Water Cleaners

 All the products we sell we use in the hatchery so you can trust they work & are safe for all fish

  Crystal clear in days, so you & your visitors can see your fish.

  How do i make my pond water clear ? is your Pond water brown, murky, cloudy after rain or its a new pond. Fix it. You can clean pond water with fish in it, Clear water is a flocculent that will bind fragments together, the fragments descend to the bottom of your pond to be taken up by your pump and moved to the filter, leaving the water crystal clear. Use an air pump or air stones in the water if it isn't already agitated.

I like this product, because i dont have to look for a measurement vial it comes with one.

How do i get rid of algae in my fish pond?

 What causes algae blooms ?

 Too much light, Most algae thrives on nitrate and phosphate, Your pond is over stocked, Not enough water changes, Medications in the water unbalances the stability of the pond and kills beneficial bacteria, New pond setup, Not enough filtration or a mix of any of these problems.

 Some algae is good on the sides and bottom of your pond is great for koi & goldfish they enjoy eating it and its good for them. Excess however is not good.

 Dont kill your fish with chlorine! 

HELP!!! i left my hose in the pond overnight.

 Siphon or pump out 20% of the pond water from the bottom and fill with fresh as filling add water ager to treat the whole pond takes chlorine out in seconds. This may save some of the smaller fish.

 Add a tap timer to your hose, will save your koi & goldfish in the future or tie a piece of string around your finger so you remember you have the hose in the pond. 

 This product will make tap water safe for fish and other aquatic animals and plants.

How long does it take tap water to be safe for fish? A couple of minutes. Pump will move dechlorinater around pond.

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