goldfish for sale

 Next live fish shipping Monday 27th June

 Goldfish for sale

For many of us, our ponds and aquariums are our sanctuary, and, we more than most, understand the comfort that Goldfish can bring. We are continually increasing our stocks of Fancy goldfish for sale, Oranda goldfish for sale being one of our most popular.

 Our breeding programmes are continuing as usual, and our Goldfish for sale, can be ordered online. You can be confident that they will be in good health while our Goldfish price is very reasonable.Our standard live arrival guarantees are in place when you buy our Goldfish online, with shipments being sent every Monday direct from the Goldfish farm to your home or business.

 Shipping Cost

All Koi and Goldfish orders shipping is calculated at checkout, depending on Weight of fish and suburb being shipped to, our rates are very reasonable, live boxes, plastic bags and hospital grade oxygen are used in shipping the fish. 

Live Fish Shipment Day (No orders arrive on Mondays)

All fish leave the hatchery on Mondays to ensure they arrive well before the weekend, with in the same week to your house or business Monday to Friday only.

You don't have to be home for your order.

The couriers do not work weekends and we don't want fish left in courier vans or in the courier warehouse, all fish are left at your front door if your not home. 

You cannot change the delivery details of your fish shipment with the couriers. If you want to change any details before the fish leave the farm ring or email the hatchery. No details can be changed once the fish have left the farm.

As consciences breeders, the health of our pond goldfish is of paramount importance and this extends beyond the hatchery to include shipping. We offer a guarantee to all our customers that the fish will arrive alive and in good health. Find out how live fish shipping works here, this is VERY IMPORTANT reading if you haven't bought fish online through our store before. Not only are our pond fish available online, we also accept orders via telephone if you call 0432 790 703.

Live Pond Fish Arrival Guarantee

Unfortunately, and luckily it is a very rare occurrence, pond goldfish can die during transportation. If this is something that you have experienced and you have not yet opened the bag or let the fish into your aquarium or pond, we will refund you the cost of the dead fish only (DOA).

To claim DOA you must complete the following:

1. Take a clear photo of the pond goldfish inside the bag showing that the bag is still intact and has not been opened.

2. Email the image along with your name and address to [email protected] within 6 hours of receipt of the fish.

If you would like more information about our pond goldfish we would invite you to call us on 0432 790 703, email on [email protected] or alternatively, you can contact us via our website.