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 Windsor fish hatchery sells the fish food we have been buying fresh weekly since 1984. Australian Made in a range of pellet sizes, or you can buy the mix to feed all the different sized koi fish in your pond. feed a floating food most of the time, so you can net off any excess.

 Koi & Goldfish feeding guide                                  

  1mm for fish 3-8cm 

 3mm for fish 9-15cm  

 5mm for fish 16-20cm  

 8mm for fish 24-25cm 

 10mm for fish 26cm to very large

 Marigolds, Comets & Shubunkin Goldfish

  All of these goldfish can be fed the same foods as koi. We recommend feeding a floating pellet when you first get them so you can see how much food they are eating. Once you have become farmiliar with their needs and how much to feed then you can also feed them treats and sinking foods. We feed the Hikari Saki Balance sinking food to all our goldfish including fancy goldfish. We also feed the other types of hikari foods depending on the season. We breed all our marigolds, comets and shubunkin once a year. These fish are healthy, living in excellent water conditions, even though these types of goldfish are very tolerant of a wide range of water conditions. 

 Hikari koi food

 A very high quality food for koi fish in a range that covers each season.  Hikari goldfish for growth and colour in summer, hikari wheatgerm for winter, hikari excel for excellent shiro and deep black and red, Hikari staple for all season feeding and many more designed by a japanese company to fulfill all you koi's needs. This is the food we fed all our koi fish.

what to feed koi fish in aquarium

 All our koi fish are kept in ponds, as the fish are big eaters & will cause alot of waste,for that reason its best to have the largest body of water,& so the fish tank is not the best environment for koi. Feed a floating food pellet once a day for koi fish raised in an aquarium. 

What not to feed your koi fish

Any food high in carbs such as bread and corn. These foods are hard for the koi fish to digest. feeding often would ruin you koi fish health.

Treats to feed your koi 

Dont feed them to often, in moderation is fine. You can try pieces of oranges, pellets soaked in garlic, water melon and worms in spring summer only. 











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