Winter Goldfish Wheatgerm 200g Mini pellet 1.2mm

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Hikari Floating Wheat germ 200g Mini 1.2mm winter food for all goldfish or baby koi fish

We feed all our fancy goldfish wheatgerm year round with other foods, to provide an easily digestible fibre based pellet 

We feed Wheat germ in winter to prevent swim bladder problems in fancy fish

High wheat-germ content, naturally high in Vitamin E & Linolenic Acid, offering improved digestion which will prevent stomach problems developing in Winter when its harder for the fish to digest their food in colder water

You should be feeding you fancy goldfish this food in aquariums or ponds

Hikari Goldfish Wheat Germ mini pellet is a floating food which is highly digestible in colder water.

 The wheat germ content is over 40% by weight making the food high in linolenic acid and vitamin E to increase the luster of the skin.

Offers excellent growth rates through improved digestion with lower waste.

High in stabilized vitamin C which reduces stress and promotes immunity.