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Due to Covid-19 and social distancing in the factory production is behind, Wheatgerm may not be available till June 

Australian Made food Koi & Goldfish Sticks Mixed with any other food is great year round

Should be used on its own in Winter

 Cooler Temps, Slowing Metabolism.

   koi or goldfish in your pond, are poikilothermic, “cold-blooded.” Their internal temperature varies with the ambient external temperature. So in the wintertime when your pond’s water cools, the body temperatures of your fish cool, too. And with that dip in body temperature comes a reduced need for nutrients.

  Our wheat germ-based diet is designed to transition your pond fish from eating a high-protein, high-energy diet, to fuel their active underwater lifestyles – to their winter period of metabolic inactivity.

 The Wheat germ we sell, is high in carbohydrate-based nutrients, packed with natural vegetable proteins and designed to provide your pond fish with the immune-system boosting vitamins and minerals to get them through the winter.

Wheat germ require less energy to digest, so its perfect to ease the fish into or out of the colder months.

 Time to Switch!

 start transitioning your pond fish to the wheat germ-based diet in Autumn, when the water temperature starts to cool, feed your fish a mixture of the wheat germ & the normal food you feed, gradually increasing the wheat germ and decreasing your other food until you’re feeding 100 percent of the wheat germ food.

   Where ever you live in Australia Wheat germ can be added without causing any harm to the fish ready for the inevitable drop in temperature.

 Crude Protein min 16%   Crude fat min 4% Crude   Fibre max 12%    Moisture max 4%