Water Cleaners

10 tips to keep your pond water clear

  1. water movement, via pumps, water falls, fountains
  2. avoid overcrowding the pond with fish
  3. clean the filter only when pressure slows
  4. keep the bottom of the pond clear and free from debris such as rocks, gravel, driftwood
  5. space potted plants at least 30cms, to allow the debri to find its way to the filter
  6. don't over feed, provide only as much food that is consumed in one minute
  7. don't feed flake in ponds, floating food is best
  8. buy the best food you can afford, the less phosphates you put in the cleaner it will be
  9. use water ager, so your not killing the good bacteria when topping up with tap water
  10. use a live bacteria any time you add new fish, these come in powder and liquid form