Test 6 Fresh Water Parameters in 1 Minute QUICK Tests 50 pack

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Test strips 6 test in one strip results in 1 minute

50 tests per pack


  • pH value
  • carbonate hardness
  • total hardness
  • nitrate
  • nitrite and
  • chlorine

Immerse a test strip in your tank for a second, then wait for one minute and compare the intensity of its colors to the chart on the package. A safe procedure that also supports beginners to achieve the best possible water quality in your pond or aquarium.What to test, & understanding why "Easy to Follow" Read the blog

Your fish live in water, make sure their environment supports life and health. Its all about the water!

Follow the blog for an explanation of each of the tests & what to do if the water parameters are  high or low.


Store at room temperature away from light.