Telescope Eye Goldfish

The Telescope Eye is one very curious goldfish and it seems like it wants to have a better look at you.

Their rather unusual large eyes are set on either side of the head.The very popular Black Moor is the black version of the Telescope Eye.

 The telescope eye fish with flat eyes have eyes that end in flat surface similar to some cylinders.

There are many different body shapes and eye sizes with a body and head very similar to the Fantail. With both short and long fins. The tail fin comes in different variations, broad tail, veiltail or butterfly tail.

The Telescope Goldfish are believed to have been first developed in China in the early 1700s when they were named the Dragon Eye Goldfish or Dragon fish. Later in that century, in Japan. Through selective breeding of Tosakins and Ryukins (in China in the 1700s), the “(Telescope Eye goldfish) was produced. The telescope eye arrived in western countries for sale in the 1850s.

The Telescope Eye goldfish is set apart from all other goldfish varieties because of the distinctive eyes that protrude on each side of its head.  There’s no mistaking this beauty when in a crowd of other goldfish. 

Dragon Eye , fish with dome eyes, which have a round cornea, and hemispheric eyes.  

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