Sinking Goldfish Excel 110g 1.2mm FREE shipping

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Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel 110g

Did you know goldfish actually prefer eating live plants?

In nature goldfish seek out natural foods like water plants to appease their appetite hikari goldfish staple  contains higher levels of plant matter including alfalfa, Kale, and Mulukhiya for a naturally flavourful offering.

* Contains spirulina

* contains the vegetable matter most goldfish grave

* Highly Digestible

* higher levels of pure-cultured spirulina

* provide immune system support and great taste

* Resealable bag for added freshness

Crude Protein 40%, Crude fat 6%, Crude Fibre 2%, moisture 10%, Ash 15%. Vitamin A, d3, E, B12  (stabilized vitamin C) dried seaweed.