Shusui Koi

Shusui- The characteristic feature of the Shusui is the line of doistu scales that run down the dorsal ridge. The dorsal fin breaks this line so that the scales appear on either side of it. Beyond the end of the fin. The doitsu scales are dark blue. Red will appear as a lateral line at the base, the red will appear on the cheeks, the abdomen, the base of the fins. In the case of the Hi Shusui the red will appear beside the dorsal ridge. The colour of all other skin should be white or blue.

The word Shusui is generally translated as Autumn Sky.

Shin Hana Shusui- The Hana Shusui, in general have Hi areas over the dorsal ridge and or along the sides like the spreading petals of cherry blossoms. Its smooth leather skin light blue or white body and softly coloured doistu scales are superb. The Motoaka balance well with the small Hi on the back. 

Hajiro Shusui- Ebony Sumi (black) spreads over the koi fish. The sumi on the top of the fish and the shusui pattern are this koi's charming features.

 Goshiki- The five coloured koi, often overlooked till all five colours develop over time. 

 Goshiki means five colours. First produced in 1918 by crossing Asagi with Aka Aka bekko or Aka Sansoku. Today however the Goshiki come from an Asagi x Taisho Sanshoku cross. Therefore, Goshiki have the blue(both light and dark) of the Asagi and the three colours of the Taisho Sanshoku, giving them an overall purplish appearance. Deeply coloured Hi in a Sandan Pattern is preferred, as is a bright, clear Hi on the head.

Goshiki look beautiful when the water temperature is warm. Cool water temperatures deepen the koi's colours. 

Enyu - The Enyu is one of the Midori-goi types bred by the late Tadao Yoshioka. It came from a cross between a male shusui and a female Midori-goi. A leather skin trait from the shusui so beautiful and colouring from the Midori goi the pairing is exotic.


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