Shubunkin & Marigold 10-13cm x 8 fish + 120g fish food *SM11/p6

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 Shubunkins and Marigolds with the odd comet standard & longtail x 8 fish, 10-12cm + 120g fish food per batch

 These fish will definitely catch your eye with their colours of the rainbow and all the hues inbetween, These goldfish are bred here at Windsor fish hatchery each year in October/November.

 They also have the ability to grow rapidly when placed in a pond. Approximately 30-35cm in length.

 Our fish thrive in outdoor ponds throughout the year, experiencing the changing seasons which contribute to their strength and longevity. These remarkable creatures can live up to 15 years. Marigolds are able to adapt and flourish in different water environments. The ideal pH range is between 7.4 and 7.8.

 Enjoying a diverse diet consisting of processed pellets,plants growing, frozen foods and live foods when in season. I am currently feeding Hikari Saki Balance sinking and wheatgerm, and algae. add fish food to the order

Goldfish and koi are known to be social creatures, preferring the company of other goldfish or koi as pond mates. Also Ideal for those with spacious aquariums. 

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