Shubunkin, Comet & Marigolds goldfish

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 Here at Windsor Fish Hatchery, we are passionate about raising healthy, top-quality fish that will be an asset to any home. Among our wide selection of goldfish, we have a range of both Shubunkin and Comet goldfish that are slightly different to many other breeds and always prove to extremely popular with our clients and are a frequently purchased by those who are new to keeping fish and having an aquarium or pond.

Shubunkin goldfish are extremely colourful fish which will brighten up any pond. They are renowned for being hardy fish and require very little maintenance which is why they are popular with beginners. They can live for up to 15 years. As they are widely regarded as being a peaceful breed they are suitable for koi ponds and are compatible with other non-aggressive fish.

Comet goldfish are very brightly coloured which helps to enhance the appearance of your tank. They are a breed of fish that has been commercially bred since the 1800s and usually have a lifespan up 15 years. They are regarded as peaceful and playful fish.