Shiro Bekko Koi

Shiro Bekko- This is the white form with black patches. It is invariably the Shiros that win prizes in Japanese shows. Because it is a basically white koi it is important that this be pure like snow, this is not common and a yellowish under colour is often seen on the head, even on prize winners. These are bred in Standard, Gin Shiro Metallic, Gin Rin and butterfly fin or dragon fin. 

Aka Bekko- This is the red for with black patches. the Hi (red) replacing the white, one of each in any pond make a standout koi to watch and grow

Gin Shiro Bekko, the metallic version

Butterfly Long flowing fins and tail as the koi grows and matures

Kin-Gin-Rin (keen-geen-leen) is a reference to a koi's scale type rather than the variety of koi, silver reflective scales. Gin Rin scale appears silvery when covering white or black pigment. All that glitters literally.

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