Sanke, Showa, Tancho koi

Sanke- red and black markings on a white skin.  Sanke koi are one of our most popular variety. A beautiful koi with many varieties found in red and sumi (black) & White patterns.

 Patterns of Hi (red) should be well balanced on both sides. It is desirable but not necessary that the head Hi does not cover the eyes, cheeks, and jaw. The tail region needs a white patch between the last Hi and the tail joint.

 Aka Sanke has little to no white on the body.

We breed many of the varieties such as Aka Sanke, Butterfly Sanke or Dragon Fin Sank

Unlike the Sanke, which Showa koi are often mistaken for, the Showa koi fish variety has a black ground color with white and red markings. The black colour should be dark and glossy so no brown spots should show up. The white markings produce a dramatic contrast to the deep black of the Showa's ground colour and should be a pure white. The red markings on Showa koi also creates contrast as the bright color stands out among the plain background of black and white. The red can be a orange-red color, which is preferred but harder to cultivate. The coloring of a Showa makes it stand out as a stunning addition to any koi pond.

Tancho are gorgeous snowy white koi with a large Hi marking on their heads. The position of the Hi marking is very important and should be well proportioned on just the head. The round Hi needs to cover as much area as possibly between its eye and nose. But without covering the eye or the nose. The edge must be sharp and the coloration must be deep red. The Hi should not spread to the shoulders or back and the body and the white body should be free of any imperfections.