Red & White Comets Long- tails 12-15cm x 4 fish + 120g food *RW15/p3

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Red, Red & White, White Comets All Long- Swishing -tails 12-14 x 4 fish + 120g fish food per batch.

 Put some red and white comets in your pond. They are happy to live with all other goldfish and koi fish

 When fully grown size will be around 30-35cm

Stunning to watch in the pond, swimming gracefully while adding the high contrasting colour of deep red and bright white in combination and individually.

 We keep all of our comets in ponds outdoors all year. They will tolerate a wide range of water conditions, consistency is key. An ideal pH range is between 7.4 and 7.8.

We feed a variety of fish, and they devour algae, so the pond will be cleaned out in no time. I am currently feeding Hikari Saki balance. You can also feed live plants,which provide mircopic foods living on the folige. Grow algae they love it. And for variety in the cooler season and winter feed wheatgerm sticks and or Sera Goldy granules add fish food to the order

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