Pond Vacuum suitable for ponds up to 5 sq mtrs in size FREE Shipping

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 Pond Vacuum Basic, keeps the sludge out, phosphates down and your water quality high

  • Suitable for ponds up to 5 square metres

  • 2 year guarantee.

  • 1250 - 1400 Watts.

  • Maximum flow rate of 3000 l/hr.

  • Maximum suction depth of 180cm.

  • 35 litre tank capacity.

  • 4.5 metre cable.

  • This vacuum has a 30 second/ 20 second vacuum and discharge time.

  • 350mm diameter and 570mm height

 The 3 nozzles are:

  • Universal nozzle - all round suction nozzle particularly suitable for removing debris from graveled areas.

  • Standard Flat nozzle - for removing debris from flat surfaces such as those found in pre-formed and lined ponds.

  • Crevice nozzle - enables debris to be removed from intricate areas between stones, plants and statutes etc 

 Product Details

      Max flow rate 3000 l/hr, Max suction depth of 1.8m, 1250 - 1400 Watts, Tank capacity 35 litre
      1250-1400 watts of power to remove sludge and other debris from your pond floor.

This vacuum features an automatic function ( 30 second/ 20 second vacuum and discharge time ).
 Includes: pond vacuum, 4 metre suction hose, 1.50 metre discharge hose, discharge bag, 4 rigid extension tubes (3 black and 1 clear for checking suction) and 3 nozzles and has a 4.5m power cord. German technology made in china