Oranda goldfish

Oranda Goldfish 

A sign of wealth and influence, the weirdly beautiful oranda goldfish continues to fascinate aquarists from all over the world.

The Chinese named the breed “the flower of the water” because of their graceful swimming habits and their physical appearance.

An oranda is a breed of goldfish characterized by a prominent bubble-like "hood" on the head. The head growth or hood (also known as wen or crown) may be a prominent growth on the top of the head or may encase the entire face except for the eyes and mouth.

Its appearance, combined with peaceful behavior, makes it a very tempting choice for fish keepers. 

They will grow to a length of 15 to 20cm. They thrive in a pond or large tank. 

They are bred in an enormous variety of colors and types. 

  • The azuma nishiki is an attractive nacreous-colored form of the oranda.
  • The red-cap oranda has a silver body with a prominent red head growth on the forehead.
  • Chinese breeders have developed telescoped eyed  orandas, a cross-breeding of the telescope eye and oranda goldfish.
  • The hana fusa or pompom oranda is a pompom with a dorsal fin and head-growth like an oranda. Its a cross between the oranda and a dorsal formed pompom.
  • The nagate oranda is a long body oranda developed in Shikoku, south west area of Japan.
  • The Apache oranda, is a form of oranda that bares both red and black together. Apaches cannot be named if the blackness only exists on the fin/s.
  • The panda oranda is a variety of oranda that is bi-colored or tri-colored, most identifiable by the black-and-white coloration for which it is named.
  • The Ingot oranda also known as the Yuan-Bao oranda,. Its large, short round body, with its box shaped face containing wen., though generally short-finned and long finned ingots are very popular.
  • The Chakin also named as the chocolate oranda, is a colored variant of an oranda. It has brownish scales with a color like that of chocolate. Its actual name means Tea fish or Tea goldfish in Japanese.
  • The Seibungyo or Seibun is a blue oranda, named for its bluish grey silver coloration.
  • The black oranda 
  • The jade seal oranda is a type of color pattern that consist of a white, clear cap on its head, and the rest of the body is red or orange
  • Chinese baby doll White based oranda with tangerine & red/ Brown Colouring
  • Orchid tail Orchid tail is the product of selective breeding.Viewing these fish gives you new appreciation of the true beauty of well bred goldfish. Orchid tail can be appreciated from both top view and side view. The tail will make a near ¾ circle around the body of the fish. Orchid tail oranda will have very round, deep bodies.The tails will have ruffles which can be appreciated differently from the side.  Many of them will have white edging or dapple on the caudal fin as well as the dorsal. They will also generally have,stouter heads. 

  •  Pompom or Hana Fusa is a type of goldfish that has fluffy outgrowths between the nostrils on each side of the head, which inspired this goldfish’s name.


    Rose Tail  This cute goldfish is unique and fancy and is considered exotic. The Rose Tail oranda is a stocky hardly fish, with a fan shaped half crescent tail.The Short deep body, with up right fins and trimmed tail is unique to the rose tail oranda, shape, fins, spread open tail, red and white. They will generally have shorter , stouter heads.


Whether you are just starting out or have kept tanks before, the oranda goldfish is an amazing pet that will keep you happy for a long time.