Nice Selection Koi fish 10-12cm x 15 plus 120g of food *10K/p19

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All live fish ship mondays, with a live arrival guarantee

 * The fish depicted in the photo are only a sample of the variety of fish that will be included in your order.

* * We sell batches of koi fish because we are unable to list and photograph all of the fish that we breed, the colours in all of our batches are a random assortment, and our koi fish come in a variety of quality levels. When looking to stock your pond with koi fish, purchasing them in koi batches offers the best value.

* There are 15 koi in each batch, but you are unable to select the fish in the batches; instead, we select them for you. Because there is less stress on the fish and it is easier for us, you will pay a significantly lower price.

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