Mix Comets & Shubunkins 11-15cm x 9 fish *CS15/pgh

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Comets & Shubunkins Mix 11-15cm x 9 fish +120g fish food

 The fins of our young comets are longer and more graceful, with a slim but solid body shape. Hobbyists frequently choose red and white comets, both long and short tail. The fish's entire body is a vivid red and bright white colour. In the pond, they're easy to spot, and in the aquarium, both comets and shubunkin are a friendly social fish. Known for its wide range of colours, the shubunkin is also known for its colour extending out into the long or short tail . Easy care great for beginners. Both types of fish grow around 30cm in length. For good health and long life feed,Spirulina, algae, wheat germ, pellet and other high-quality foods once or twice a day . pH of the water should be 7.4 to 7.8 in the pond or aquarium.

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