Leather Skin Goshiki koi 21cm LGos21/P13 ,5 color koi still developing

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The koi in the photo is the exact koi you will receive

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 Goshiki- The five coloured koi, often overlooked till all five colours develop over time. 

 Goshiki means five colours. First produced in 1918 by crossing Asagi with Aka Aka bekko or Aka Sansoku. Today however the Goshiki come from an Asagi x Taisho Sanshoku cross. Therefore, Goshiki have the blue(both light and dark) of the Asagi and the three colours of the Taisho Sanshoku, giving them an overall purplish appearance. Deeply coloured Hi in a Sandan Pattern.

 Goshiki look beautiful when the water temperature is warm. Cool water temperatures deepen the koi's colours. 


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