Kokusai Koi floating pellet 2.2mm 1kg Spirulina Colour Enhancer

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Kokusai Koi floating pellet food 2.2mm 1kg  

Shipped in a resealable bucket for freshness

Colours and contrasts that command
The koi is a beautiful fish with dramatic colours and contrasts. So, it’s only natural that you’d want your koi to look it’s best. Always.
Each pellet is packed with pure cultured Spirulina including Capsaicin and Astaxanthin. These work in harmony to enhance the contrasting colours, making them brighter and more intense.

No preservatives. No nonsense.
All our colour enhancers and other nutrients are in their raw state, which makes them even more potent and effective. But most importantly, it ensures that there is nothing your koi doesn’t want or need.

Spirulina, Antarctic krill meal, white fish meal, fish oil, wheat germ, soybean protein, corn meal, lecithin, brewer’s dried yeast, dried seaweed meal, monosodium glutamate, vitamin mix, mineral mix, garlic.

Guaranteed Analysis :

  • Crude protein   45% min
  • Crude fat          5% min
  • Crude Fiber      2% max
  • Moisture         10% max
  • Ash                11% max

Feed Additives :

  • Vitamin A          36,000 IU/kg
  • Vitamin C          140 mg/kg
  • Vitamin D3        7,200 IU/kg
  • Vitamin E          36 mg/ kg