Koi Poster 66 full colour photos 60 x 83cms Titles in Japanese & English

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Full Colour Gloss Koi Identification Chart 66 Varieties of koi shown

Poster Width 60cm x Height 83cm

Labels in English & Japanese

Trying to keep all of the varieties and variations of koi straight can be enough to make your head spin. Use this Koi Variety poster to identify your favourite varieties.

66 different types of koi fish in full colour with identification names in English & Japanese  to make it easier for the beginner & even the informed fish enthusiast. It can be difficult to remember every name applied to the various forms.

The names are in Japanese, they relate a great deal to the natural world around them. Many of the terms applied are derived from the names of flowers or birds, mountains or animals, plants or features of a landscape. 

Some varieties are described according to their patterns of coloration. Such as the Tancho popular variety identified by its circular red pattern on the head.

Another way to identify a variety is by their scale pattern or lack of scales. For example, Doitsu Large Scales. Leather skin no Scales.