Koi & Goldfish Winter foods

koi food & goldfish food for Autumn/Winter feeding fish in a pond

start transitioning your pond fish to the wheat germ-based diet in Autumn, when the water temperature starts to cool, feed your fish a mixture of the wheat germ & the normal food you feed, gradually increasing the wheat germ and decreasing your other food until you’re feeding 100 percent of the wheat germ food.

 Wheat-Germ formula is a highly digestible, daily diet for the cooler months of the year

in cooler water Koi fish & goldfish metabolism slows down, they can only really digest their food in the warmest part of the day.

Feed your koi & Goldfish in the morning so they have all day to digest their food

The wheat germ content is over 40% by weight making the food high in linolenic acid and vitamin E to increase the luster of the skin.

Offers excellent growth rates through improved digestion with lower waste.

High in stabilized vitamin C which reduces stress and promotes immunity.

You can  feed our new Australian Koi & Goldfish food through out Autumn and winter, its a mix with low protein, wheatgerm and algae, highly digestible in cooler and cold temperatures. Suitable to feed all year round with extra minerals and vitamins.

Premium Australian Made food Floating Koi & Goldfish Pellet with wheatgerm & algae 

Contains Wheat Germ & Algae for extra fibre an easy to digest floating pellet for summer or winter feeding

provides a balanced diet with vitamins, Minerals to help boost the immune system including Ash, Canola Meal, Lupins, Soybean, Fish Meal & Krill Meal.

Wont discolour water, no added food dyes

Food softens in water while still floating

all fish up to 15cm will take 3mm pellet

fish large than 15cm will take 6mm pellet

Where ever you live in Australia Wheat germ can be fed without causing any harm to the fish ready for the inevitable drop in temperature.

Only start to feed the koi and goldfish a higher protein pellet again such as hikari gold, when the weather turns warmer again, add a little of the protein to the wheat germ as the water temperature goes up or feed our year round food.